All homes, regardless of size or condition, benefit from staging,
and the process can be as simple or involved as your time and budget allow.
Staging does not require a large budget. We can be creative in using
what is already in the house. You may have concerns about living in a
staged home with pets, children, or perhaps a home business. We find ways to
make it as easy as possible to live in your home and still have it always ready
to show to potential buyers.

Complimentary Estimate
Each property is unique and your needs may not exactly fit into the

following categories. There are many options available, from advice only to
full indoor/outdoor staging. I come to your home to discuss your property,
time frame and budget. I then provide an estimate of cost for the work you choose.

Depending on your interests and budget the consultation can be an

informal walk-through of your property discussing changes that can be made
or it may include a written room-by-room staging plan, floor plans,
and illustrations to highlight placement of furniture and accessories.
This allows you to do most of the work yourself. 

Full Staging – Occupied Property
We stage the house using your furniture and accessories to highlight

the best features of the house. We work with you to create a staged home that
continues to be comfortable for your family.

Full Staging – Vacant Property
We stage the house providing furniture and decorative accessories from our warehouse.

Additional Services
We are happy to arrange for repairs, painting, packing, landscaping, etc.


Design Services
Perhaps you want assistance organizing and arranging your existing home,
or the home you have just purchased. Using what you already own,
we work with you to make your house comfortable and beautiful.

Furnishing Vacation Rentals
Lancaster Home Staging is able to design, purchase, and install everything
needed to furnish a vacation rental property.

Thank you so much for staging my little home - I'm convinced it made a difference and after seeing it I'd have to say anyone who sells a home without at least consulting you is doing themselves a huge disservice.  I've bought and sold 10 homes and continue to learn each time.  Thank you so much for your service and friendship.
     -- Owner of a vacant home
For the third time...our house is on the market (over 18 months in total the first two times).  We have a lovely home around the $300K price range.  Because of an unconventional layout and being filled with children’s stuff, I didn’t think that people were able to adequately envision and admire the potential of the home.  So I finally relented to consulting a stager. In a tough market when few homes in our price range were selling, we were able to sell our house. We really credit a lot of this to the insight and help Lois gave us at a very reasonable cost.
       -- Owner of an occupied home

Get In Touch
Together we can get your house ready to sell!
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